Looking for a way

to bring back balance into your life 

and reconnect with your MAGICAL SOUL ?



Reiki the method for :

Reiki is a placement of hands energy technique for stress reduction and relaxation that allows everyone to tap into the unlimited supply of “life energy” to improve well-being and enhance one’s quality of life.

The awareness that an unseen (for most of us) energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of a person’s well-being, has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times.

This life energy is called “chi”. Also goes by many names: Ki in Japan, and prana in India. The ancient Hawaiians called it ti or ki. It has also been called orgone energy and élan vital, and science refers to it as biofield energy. It is also spelled “qi” in many traditional systems.

 When your life energy (your chi) is low, it is more difficult to deal with stress, you may not sleep well, and you’re more susceptible to illness.

When your life energy is elevate,  you feel stronger, can deal with stress more easily, and are less likely to get sick.

Reiki is a technique that increases a person’s supply of life energy

Reiki energy allows muscles to relax and increases blood flow to treated areas, which in turn quickens the healing process. Practitioners and clients report help with stress, headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, sprains and other minors conditions.

Occasionally, miraculous results are reported.

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help relieve pain
  • Increase vitality
  • Raise the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins
  • Reduces some of the side effects of drugs
  • Accelerates the body’s self healing abilities
  • Remove energy blockages
  • Help spiritual growth

Reiki is a natural method of energy balancing, but is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment.

How can you “learn “ Reiki ?


Reiki is transferred from a Reiki Master to a student through an attunement process, (an energy transmission) which uses sacred symbols, mantras, and breath.


  • There are 3 levels of Reiki
  • They can be taught one on one or in a group
  • In person or via online
  • Anyone can learn it children included
  • There are no prerequisites
  • Once you received Reiki energy, you can start using it on yourself and on others, animals too.

Oh, Sandrine! I *just* finished Module 3 – and all 4 attunements. I know I’m supposed to avoid electronics, but I must share this with you. Truthfully, I kept wondering if “this whole thing” will “work” over the internet and it DOES!!

Gosh, I feel light and I have felt a connection to you, directly, with each attunement. There are tears streaming down my face for “no reason” other than the beautiful experience we’ve just shared with the last attunement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift. I cannot wait to do my 21 days and continue to learn!

Hello, bonjour. I am Sandrine Daubord the founder of Onlinereikiacademy.com and I want to welcome you.

I am very excited about this opportunity to share with you why I chose to learn Reiki 15 years ago and how it has transformed my life and the life of my family and why you should learn it too.

Reiki is a method of relaxation and stress reduction but you are going to learn that Reiki is much more than that.

Reiki for me is a way of life.

I learned Reiki 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter Juliette.

Summer 2001, I got married in the state of New York. Friday, September 14 2001, I learned I was pregnant.  My husband was managing a restaurant near the Twin Towers and lost his job. The following month, we moved to Miami.

I was having a difficult pregnancy, I was alone most of the time, my marriage was non existent. Fast tracking, I found myself back in France the day of my birthday, 6 months pregnant, no job, with little savings, alone and depressed.  My husband wanted a divorce.

What did I do wrong, what did I do wrong?  Why me, why me ?

My life was a mess.

A friend of mine who is an astrologer suggested I learn Reiki.  The next day I was looking for a Reiki Master Teacher to learn Reiki and I just followed her advice and did it.

Moving forward I am back in Miami, my daughter is 3 months old and when my second daughter was one year old I became a Reiki Master Teacher.

I was using Reiki more on others than myself and that’s when I realized that I really wanted to help others.   But my life was still a big mess. I realized that I should really take care of myself first before anyone else. So it has been 6 years now that I have been practicing Reiki on myself daily.  It has assisted me to love myself again to appreciate the person I am, to feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. To take once and for all responsibility of my life and the choices I make, and nothing could stop me anymore.

Now, not only do I use Reiki on myself, on my girls, on our animals, on  food, on my home, but even in my work with my clients all over the world during my distance sessions.

Reiki is an amazing tool, easy to use that anyone can learn that will balance the energy of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

In a world where confusion, tension, anger, stress are present more than ever, where people are in pain, we need to learn to let go of our own unnecessary tension and remove our stress, to be able  not only to maintain the health of self but also to enhance the happiness and prosperity of our family, our community, our society and our world.

My mission is to bring harmony and empower each soul that is ready to transform their lives and the lives of others.

A better You and a better WORLD.

If you too are ready to take a leap, just do it, you have nothing to loose.

See you soon, Sandrine.

“The experiences that have been a result of working with Sandrine go beyond what words can describe.  Her course and sessions are some of the most positive experiences I’ve had in regards to personal growth. She is able to make one feel comfortable, which allows oneself to be open to what it is that will be of benefit for the mindbody.

Learning Reiki with her program has been an incredible gift. The course is comprehensive and Sandrine makes herself available for support and guidance.

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of yourself, outlook on life, or to grow and evolve in a personal realm that will positively affect your whole life, including those around you, I would suggest hands down signing up for Reiki with Sandrine.”

Laura Augendre

Pilates Instructor, L.A Pilates Studio

Are you dreaming of a way to feel happier and more complete in your life ?

Reiki is for you if …

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life    
  • You want to improve your health         
  • You have children, animals, elderly to take care of    
  • You are looking for a method of personal development      
  • You are looking to grow spiritually

Reiki is not for you if…

  • You are looking for a method to remove all your challenges right away       
  • You do not want to work on yourself     
  • You do not want to give some time in your daily routine for yourself          
  • You already starting an other workshop with someone else at the same time  
  • You are travelling while taking the class     


MODULE 1 : What is Reiki ?

1.1a Definition of Reiki

1.1b Definition of the words ” Rei ” and ” Ki “

1.2 How does Reiki work ?

1.3 My lineage

1.4 History of Reiki

MODULE 2 : Reiki on yourself

2.1 How to receive Reiki energy

2.2 Position of the hands

2.3 The 5 principles of Reiki

2.4 The 21 days of self-treatment

MODULE 3 : Be attune to Reiki

3.1 Fist attunement

3.2 Second attunement

3.3 Third attunement

3.4 Fourth attunement

MODULE 4 : Reiki on others

4:1 How to prepare yourself before a session on someone else

4:2 How to carry out a session on someone else

4:3 Positions of the hands on others

4:4 How to end the session

MODULE 5 : Your certification


Take the quizz

Receive your certificate

What is next ?

+ one Q&A & one ressources page where I will share many cool tips.


Receiving Reiki from you was a gift. Your work helped me move forward in my life.


Thank you so much. Reiki is amazing and you are amazing.



Reiki Express Audio : a 3 minute guided self-reiki session


Reiki Audio : a 30 minute guided self-reiki session


Reiki Long Version Audio : a one hour guided self-reiki treatment




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